Are you getting rejection after rejection? Have you exhausted the resources of your critique group? Still feel like you’re missing that special something? Want to take your writing to the next level?

I’m sure there’s a late night infomercial addressing each and every one of those issues. For nine easy payments of only $567.39, your problems will be solved.

Or you could employ my editing services. I’m offering an apple pie service. Down-home food at a bargain price. See, I believe there is a large group of writers who can’t quite afford to pay the usual editing rates. Maybe you’re one of those authors. Maybe you’re looking for a lower price.

Here are the rough details:

~Fiction Only
~$35 for a Trial Critique of the first ten pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. This allows us to see if our professional relationship will be mutually beneficial
~$3 a page for Full Manuscript Critique
~Critiques include both line editing and substantive edits
~Your choice of paper or electronic copy
~Detailed comments, illustrations of writing principles, and recommended resources that will take your writing to the next level
~Quick turnaround time

I think my critiques are fabulous, or I wouldn’t be offering them, but you don’t need to take my word for it:

Christina Berry made my work sparkle without affecting my voice whatsoever. I could not be more pleased.
~Ann Lee Miller

I was so impressed with a one chapter critique by Christina Berry that I’ve already ordered a full critique of my entire manuscript! She pointed out my strong points as well as ways I could make my writing stronger. Christina explained and gave examples of deep POV in such a way that it finally clicked with me! After just making some suggested changes on a few pages, I already feel that the story has a better flow and read to it.
~Rose McCauley, who feels much closer to being published after Christina’s insightful help

Your edit was WONDERFUL! I’ve had several edits before (not for this novel) and never had the input you gave me. You did exactly what I wanted–made concrete suggestions and explained in detail why I should eliminate or change text … I would like you to help me with the entire novel.
~Bonnie Engstrom

I learned more from your 15-page trial critique than from many a craft book.
~Dawn Shipman

When Christina returned my manuscript, I was thrilled to find that she had slashed through my mistakes and woodenness, and suggested wonderful changes. Christina is not only talented, but a committed writer. I will ask for her help on my next project.
~William Cleek

If you have any questions, please contact me at christina [at] christinatarabochia [dot] com